April 2016
I was referred to you because my hands were covered in painful, itchy eczema and you determined that I was most sensitive to wheat, corn, and eggs.  Since I've been avoiding those foods, my skin has completely cleared up.  Thank you so much!
Lucy G, Toronto

May 2015
Our family recommends that everyone utilize Marlene Deres for food sensitivity testing. Her service was transformational for our son in dealing with focus related issues and in our opinion her fees should be much higher based on the results we have experienced.  Book your appointment with Marlene to find out if symptoms you or your family members experience are caused by food sensitivities; you will be very pleased with the results.

May 2014
I just wanted to let you know that Mia is doing better!  Her test results were mostly what we suspected (wheat and dairy), and some that we did not suspect.
Now that we know what the problem is with more confidence, we have changed many of our usual ingredients around the house.  But the thing we're most happy about is that her eczema is so much better, and when she has a flare up, now we can trace the reason why.
Thank you for all your help, and for seeing her so quickly - this is such a relief for us : )
Jenn G., Richmond Hill

April 2014
I have not broken out in hives since our visit.
Helena L., Aurora

March 2014
My son is doing so much better.  It was parasites and he has been cleansing for a few months now.  We are so happy.  Thank you for all of your help and advice. 
Cathie V., Aurora

May 2012 
I just wanted to let you know how Natasha is doing since we came to see you last July.  I cannot believe the
difference it has made to her health.  She suffered from dark circles under her eyes, sleep issues, skin rashes
and irritations and many colds.  Before we had the testing done she seemed to always have a bad cough and       clear mucous.  We didn't feed her any refined sugars and she ate mostly fruits and veggies, so I was stumped       as to why she had so many colds.  My suspicions of a wheat sensitivity were correct and finding out about all         the others really helped too (dairy, yeast, certain fruits, paprika and chili powder to name a few).

It was hard work removing all these from her diet and overwhelming at times, but so worth it!  I can now tell         the difference between a reaction to a food eaten and a real cold (which has only been once this year).  The       dark circles are gone, she sleeps soundly, and has much smoother skin. 

Thank you for all your help and for giving me a guiding star to her health.  I also want to commend you on your     professional service and welcoming atmosphere.  It was completely painless and very relaxing to have it               done.      

We look forward to seeing you possibly next summer to see the difference in her scores.  Thanks again!
Melissa Nicholson, Cannington, ON

April 2012
I can't tell you how much of a difference your testing has made in my diet and health!  I have given your name
to 4 of my friends who are very interested in meeting with you.
Dee Dee Paron, Toronto

April 2012
I came to you for the food sensitivity test in November and I just want to say it was the BEST thing I ever did.         Your results report has really helped me to eat foods that make me feel better.  I rarely get headaches, feel           nausea or feel tired any longer. 
Renee Elfassy, Richmond Hill

October 2011
Marlene, you have helped me and also my granddaughter Isabella – she is a different child now that my                daughter knows the trigger foods – we both thank you!
Brenda Clark, Newmarket

July 2011
Every night for 2 years, my legs would break out in hives.  Sometimes, they were so bad that I had to take              medication to stop the itching.  I went to my family doctor who was as puzzled as I was.  While seeking                  naturopathic counseling, it was suggest that I see Marlene Deres.  I went for the testing and Ms. Deres                    determined that I had developed a food sensitivity to corn products specially corn starch.  I stopped using corn      starch and their by products and my hives disappeared immediately and completely.  I have not had another        hive on my legs since that day.  I recently took my 2 daughter to Ms. Deres for their over all wellbeing. 
Maureen Mah-Doucette

May 2011
After seeing Marlene to solve my low energy level I have been feeling great and my energy                                    level has increased.  I can interact with my family and do the tasks at work with more effectiveness. 
Thank you, Marlene.
Randy Mann

April 2011   
I am still amazed and pleased the test went as expected - even with the few surprises.  It has taken me many,        many weeks to guess at some of the results you were able to achieve within minutes for a faster confirmation        and eating alteration journey that I am excited to begin.
Patrick L., Maple, ON

April 2011
It has been wonderful to see Jackson’s transformation since our visit to you.  Even Allison noticed the extreme       behaviour difference in him.  Over the weekend I was getting hugs and I love you. Before he would hit and            call names. For Jackson taking out all (most) of the foods he is sensitive to has changed him for the better. 
The other kids want to play with him now.  He has more attention to read, watch tv and play.  He isn’t hitting or      calling others names.
We did have a set back today.  I sent a list with Jackson to school with his food sensitivities and I did meet
with his teacher and discussed his sensitivities.  She asked if he could have specific snacks in the classroom
and I said no as they contain food he can not have.  When Jackson came home from school he was frustrated,       angry, hitting his sister.  Then he told me his teacher gave him the snacks I told her he could not have. 
After several hours Jackson was back to his new calm self.
Lori Carter, Port Perry

April 2011
I have found that when I restrict my diet to what is on the list my stomach feels better and my bowels become        regular. But the moment that I eat something off the list then I feel bloated, become constipated and feel sad         that I am not losing the weight.
Mary D., Toronto

February 2011
I'm doing fine. I am still on meds but I have cut back on the usage. The testing has made a huge impact on my      acidity levels. Thanks again,
Philip G., Newmarket

May 2010   
I have stayed away from all the "high" foods and I have never felt better! No wheat or yeast for 4 weeks now! A     few girls from the office will be calling you to book as well.
Lisa McRobbie, Newmarket

May 2010
I just want to give you an update on my daughter Natalie and say thank you for your help. It took about two            weeks to adjust to making changes in her diet.
Her lowest weight was at 105 lbs (height 5' 6").  With the changes to her diet she has gained weight and now          weighs a healthy 120lbs. Everyone comments on how healthy she looks now.
Barb Annecchiarico, Toronto

September 2008
I have been very fortunate to have been referred to Marlene Deres to test for food intolerances and                         sensitivities, over two years ago.
Following the results of the electro dermal testing done by Marlene and following her expert advice, I
have changed not only my eating habits, but how I shop, store, and prepare my food.   
Integrating her knowledge as a Registered Nutritionist with integrity and sensitivity, Marlene not only 
treats the symptoms but the wholism of the individual.  I would highly recommend Marlene Deres to 
anyone seeking the benefits of optimum health.
Thank you Marlene, you changed my life for the better.
Anita Finnerty, Hamilton

September 2007
For the last three years, I have used the services of Marlene Deres to test for food intolerances and
sensitivities for my now six-year-old son and me. 
Following the results of the electro dermal testing done by Marlene has significantly improved my
son’s respiratory system, behavior and overall health.  Marlene has also provided valuable
information that has reduced the number of foods we are sensitive to. 
Additionally, Marlene is the best at what she does.  I have used three other practitioners in the past
who have not been accurate as Marlene is.  I highly recommend the services of Marlene Deres.
JBK, Newmarket

December 2008
I want to let you know how grateful I am for the work you have done with me.  The food sensitivity
testing confirmed many of my suspicions and also provided a few surprises.  I am most impressed
with the remedies you suggested based on the bioenergetic evaluation.  The homeopathic remedies
have totally cleared up the breathing problem I was having and have provided me with more energy
than I can remember having. 
The fact that my immune system has been compromised for some time probably contributed to my
experience with breast cancer.  I can’t help but wonder if I had listened to you eight years ago when
your tests showed my immune system weakness if my cancer experience could have been avoided.
Thank you again for your help and recommendations.
Carole Sherkin, Thornhill

July 2008
I would like you to please pass this along, Marlene, to whoever may be considering testing but is
not quite sure. 

This is the "Cody Lewis Story"
When Cody was 4 months old all was going smooth, when I thought, “Boy would I love to go out for a drink and a laugh, only one!  It sure has been a long time.”  Didn’t want to pass the drink along to him, so I bought FORMULA. Out we went, gave him a bottle, well within seconds he brings it right back up and its goes across the room.  Not just spit up.  Well this was the beginning of the end.

I was told to give him Ham and egg baby food for breakfast so I complied with the doctors. Doing what I was told. What a good mom I am. Cody developed Rashes, Hives, and worst of all severe asthma.  We were in the hospital 3-4 times per week fighting for his life along with mine, I was devastated.  I felt so helpless, scared and felt this child depended on me to save his life. But what could I do. So I prayed for help; there was nothing else I could do. I remember some of the nurses would comment on how I knew nothing, let them do their job. Well in my opinion they were not doing a good job as we had to keep coming back. More drugs.  More Drugs and more side effects.

Then I heard of Marlene Deres and her testing. I thought, “How strange testing energy.”  I did not hold out hope, but thought I owed this to my son, how can I walk away on something when I really don’t know enough about it. I admit I walked in with blind faith. I thought it is non invasive, so It does not hurt, she can’t give him something worse. Hey the money really was not that much. I spend a whole lot more on Shoes!  Let’s try, I thought. 

Marlene was excellent.  She had so much patience with Cody as he was 1 1/2 years this was a challenge.   We read books I sang songs - whatever it took to keep him as still as we could.  At the end we received our print out. Now I thought, “How do you expect me to feed him?”, as he was so sensitive to foods.  Again I thought they’re nuts! I can’t keep him alive on no dairy, sugar, Wheat, Potatoes, Tomatoes, etc.  But I spent the money I am going to try. I went shopping that was fun, reading every label.  I went home and fed him what I was shown to be ok and Cody stopped wheezing within 48 hrs, his rash subsided, his dark circles went away. No more Machines at home, no more hospital trips, no more drugs! How could this be real? I am telling you it was.

Why did the doctors not suggest this?  It is really is so simple. It comes down to eating right for your body.  Marlene and her testing may help you do that. 

Cody is now 15 years old, is a straight A student, Athlete of the Year, and a very wonderfully tempered teenager.

Besides being blessed with both my children, the greatest gift given to me was the Gift of knowledge about  this testing as I truly believe our son would not have been here if it wasn’t for this testing and Marlene. My prayers were answered!

Charlene Lewis, Muskoka  (705-645-2577 should anyone have any questions)

February 2008
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for assisting us in getting our son the help he needed in
his recovery of his on-going stomach problems.

Our son started to experience stomach problems at a very young age, I believe around the age of 5.  He would often complain of stomach upset and lower intestinal upset. We were not sure what was troubling him and thought it might just be nerves.

The problems persisted over the years and we had many visits to the doctors. The next step was a lactose intolerance test at Sick Kids Hospital which came back negative. The blood tests were even negative, including the test for celiac, (we did this test twice).

My son is now thirteen years old and continued to have problems. We finally went back to the doctors and asked for more testing. Again all tests came back negative. We didn’t know what to do next.

Lisa Taskos told me about you and the work you did testing for food sensitivities. The day we came to see you for testing, we were impressed with the way you took the time to understand our son and the problems that he was having. He felt very comfortable talking with you.

I was a little leery on the type of test that was being done, but felt that it was worth trying. The test was very  simple and totally painless for our son.

Your test revealed that our son had sensitivities to wheat products, milk products, yeast, dyes, food additives and a variety of other things. As a result of these findings, we decided it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try to take all of these food groups out of his diet.

We did the testing on a Thursday evening, and on Friday we did a total change in his diet.  It’s now been almost 4 weeks since we did the testing and I must tell you, our son has not had a single stomach upset. He is very happy with the change he has seen in himself and so are we. Even his attitude had changed for the better. He’s much happier and his mood swings have practically disappeared.

Thank you, Marlene, for your help and guidance.  I would recommend your services to anyone.
Alice Duke, Barrie

March 2009
I want to Thank-you again for what you do. You are truly a blessing.  Helping us with our son's
food sensitivities. His eczema and his asthma have changed completely. He or we no longer
suffer loooong nights and painful rashes.  Thank-you. 
Catherine Frisk, Newmarket

February 2009
In 2004, my husband was diagnosed as having Parkinsonian symptoms. Soon after, we sought the
help of a naturopathic doctor, Lisa Bloomer.

Lisa encouraged Don to see Marlene Deres, a Nutritionist who does electrodermal screening
for food sensitivities and organ stress.  We met with Marlene in late June, 2008. Her careful testing
showed that Don was, indeed, sensitive to a number of foods. We took a week to assess the situation;
then we began a modified diet that excluded the offending foods. When we visited Lisa six weeks later, Don’s tremor had decreased by approximately 50%.
Marlene’s help in gaining this health improvement has been invaluable. Currently, we are
seeking her expertise as a Nutritionist to improve our diet even more.

My investigation of Parkinson’s has taught me that not all PD has the same root origin, nor do all
PD symptoms respond to the same treatment. Acknowledging this fact, the path we took –
electrodermal screening and a changed diet – are non-invasive processes that I believe are worth

I adopted Don’s diet to ease food preparation and to support my husband. To my surprise, the
post-nasal drip that has had me using a tissue every 20 minutes for all my adult life has just about
disappeared, as has the annoying lump of mucous in the back of my throat. As well, I realize that
I have been moderately constipated all my adult life. No more! Formerly, I thought these symptoms
were “just me” and there was no “cure”. Apparently I was wrong! Thank you, Marlene!
Dianne Stevens, Newmarket

June 2009
You asked me to drop you an e-mail a few weeks after my food sensitivity testing to see how my
migraine headaches were.  Well, I’ve eliminated tea and yeast entirely.  I’ve also minimized wheat
and dairy so that I rarely have any.  I haven’t had a migraine since I saw you.  I can’t believe it. 
Touch wood – even my period headaches seem to have nearly disappeared. 

I’ll see how the next month goes, but I must admit I do feel a lot better.

Thank you for all your help.

V. Hamilton, Toronto

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