Food is a powerful tool for promoting health and vitality. 
Choosing the right foods can improve your mind, your body and
   your emotions.  You can increase your ability to handle stress,            maintain an energetic, trim body and strengthen your immune
system by finding the diet that is right for you.

Research indicates that the risk of developing degenerative
diseases such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes can be reduced through increasing the amount of vegetables, fruits, and other
plant-based foods in your diet.  Vegetarian meals tend
   to be more economical and demand less of the world's resources.         Whether you simply want to increase the amount of
health-supporting fruits and vegetables in your diet or
become vegetarian, we can work together to develop meal plans
and recipes that suit you and your lifestyle.

Weight Management

  Tired of dieting?  DIETS DON'T WORK!!! 
  Many people experience difficulty with weight management. 
Each person is unique in what works best for them.
It's time to learn to eat correctly for YOU.

  Natural, whole foods and screening for underlying metabolic
  imbalances and food sensitivities may assist you in managing
your weight successfully and permanently.

Your personal health insurance plan may cover these services.  Please phone or email Marlene                     for details.